Buy IOTA On Binance

I’ve recently taken a moment to type up a guide for how to buy IOTA on Binance. There are many other exchanges currently trading IOTA, but from my experience, Binance has been the most reliable and the most pleasant to use. Their support team replies quicker than other exchanges I’ve used, I really enjoy their advanced exchange interface, and they offer a nice discount on fees if you’re holding their own cryptocurrency, $BNB. You view my guide to buying IOTA on Binance by clicking here if you’re interested in learning more. If you do choose to purchase IOTA on Binance, I recommend moving your IOTA to their light wallet, however for the moment I am personally leaving my IOTA on Binance until the new wallet is released. If you should decide to take this route and leave your IOTA on any exchange, please be sure to take the time to enable 2FA authentication in your account settings.