Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub Guide

I know this isn’t IOTA related, but I needed to throw this guide up somewhere and this is where I decided to stick it. If you’re like me, you were being lazy and using Nicehash to mine crypto (and seeing a decent profit!) until they were hacked and everything was lost. Frankly, I won’t trust them again. They’ve been too shady in the days following the attack. Regardless of that, I wanted to figure out how to mine while automatically switching to the most profitable algorithm without using Nicehash. It’s been 24 hours since I wrote this guide. The guide has since been deleted from Nicehash’s reddit by their moderators because everyone was discovering what I’ve now discovered. Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub seems to earn about 10% more 25% more (I’ve since tweaked some settings and replaced the pre-packed ccminer to see even more profits! If you would like to do the same, I’ve written a guide for how to use palginmod with Awesome Miner) in profit than Nicehash. That’s not including the fact that you can cash out with a coin other than Bitcoin such as Litecoin or Vertcoin which both have incredibly low tx fees. I’m leaving comments open on this and I’ll be answering as many questions as I can. Happy mining!

How to use Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub

1) Download and install Awesome Miner from

2) Create a Mining Pool Hub account here:

3) Open Awesome Miner. The New Miner wizard should open, if not, click ‘New Miner’.

  • Under Select Miner Type, choose Managed Profit Miner, Click ‘Next’
  • Select whether you have AMD or nVidia hardware under the Profit Switching Profile. Click ‘Next’
  • Under Managed Profit Switching – Configuration, check the box beside Mining Pool Hub. For your Worker name, type your username followed by “.1” so if your username is joeblow then you would type “joeblow.1”, then select your region. Click ‘Next’
  • You should now see your new miner listed under the ‘My Miners’ section of Awesome Miner.

4) Click ‘Tools’>’Benchmark’ at the top menu of Awesome Miner

5) From the Benchmark dialog, make sure your appropriate ‘Profit switching profile’ is selected and the GPU you would like to use, then, check each algorithm you would like to benchmark (all of them) and choose ‘Precise benchmark’. Click ‘Start’

6) Go get a beer.

7) Login to your Mining Pool Hub account and click Auto Exchange in the menu at the top left ( This is where you’ll choose which coin you would like to be paid with.

NOTE: You may be wondering: “Where do I put my address to receive payouts?” Here’s the answer: As long as you’ve set an Auto Exchange coin, then once you start mining, the coins that you mine will eventually be converted to your Auto Exchange coin. It seems to take about 12 hours or so. Once this happens you can go to your Balances page on the Mining Pool Hub website and see if your Auto Exchange coin shows a balance. If it does, go to the wallet for that coin on Mining Pool Hub (you’ll see the link for it on your Balances page) and there you’ll see the field to add your address where you would like to receive payouts as well as the option to set your payout threshold.

8) If your benchmarks are still running, go grab another beer. If they’re done, then click ‘Save to profile’ and let’s proceed!

9) If you would like to add a miner for your CPU as well, choose ‘Main’ from the top menu of Awesome Miner, click Options, then choose ‘Profit Profiles’, click ‘Add’. In Description type ‘CPU’, and from the list of Mining Software, scroll down to the last option which should be CpuMiner-Opt. Check the box beside it and click ‘OK’, Return to Awesome Miner and click ‘New Miner’ from the top menu like you did before. Follow all of the steps from before except this time when asked to choose your Profit Switching Profile, choose your new CPU profile that you just created. After you’ve created this new miner, right click on it, choose ‘Properties’, then choose ‘Override Pool Settings’, and check the box beside ‘Mining Pool Hub’, then type your Mining Pool Hub username followed by “.2”, so just like before, if your username is joeblow then you would type “joeblow.2”. Having fun yet?

10) Remember that long process from before when you benchmarked the GPU? Now repeat the same process but this time when asked to choose the Profit Switching Profile, choose your new CPU profile. Once the benchmarking is complete, you’re ready to start mining!

11) Right click each of your miners and click ‘Start’. Good luck!

12) At this point you may want to consider trying palginmod instead of the default ccminer that comes with Awesome Miner. I’ve seen about a 10% boost in hashrate from doing this. If you’re interested then I’ve written a guide to using palginmod with Awesome Miner.

13) If you have any problems then be sure and read below as I’ve answered a ton of common problems there.

Edit: I’m seeing some comments from people curious about the actual payout results differing from the estimation. So far my actual payouts are pretty much spot on, but I haven’t been mining for 24 hours yet. I’ll report back after that. One thing that I’ve done that others may be interested in is that I noticed sometimes Awesome Miner was mining algorithms that weren’t nearly as profitable as others. Especially with my CPU. So I logged into my MPH account and went to Hub Workers in the menu and set specific algorithms for each worker (since I have different workers for each device). So my CPU now only mines Cryptonight. I’ve seen others that did this with their GPU setting it to only mine Lyra2RE2 cryptos.

Something else to consider is the fees of withdrawing BTC. A lot of you may still want to get paid in BTC but it seems to work out a lot better getting paid in a cheaper coin to avoid high tx fees. I’ve been getting paid in VTC and I’ve been very happy with my results so far. I’ll know more after 24 hours (I’ll report back) as to whether I truly am making more than I was with NH but right now it seems to be about the same if not more.

24 Hour Update: Looks good! I’m making about 10% more now than with Nicehash! Plus I can withdraw using a coin with very low tx fees as opposed to Bitcoin. And, I can withdraw whenever I want. Pretty sweet! A lot of you are looking at the profit of your Auto Exchange coin and thinking “That’s not very much!” but you may not be taking into account the confirm/unconfirmed balances of the other coins that you’ve mined that have yet to be exchanged. You can use this site to convert all of your balances to see your total earnings:

72 Hour Update: Still doing great! After tweaking some things and switching the default ccminer to palginmod I’m seeing closer to 25% more than I did with Nicehash! If you’re interested then I’ve written a guide on how to use palginmod in Awesome Miner.

Questions? Comment below and I’ll try to answer!

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134 thoughts on “Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub Guide”

    1. Install the Remote Agent from Awesome Miner on each machine.

      Then add the miner to the machine where you have the full Awesome Miner client installed. If your remote miner is using the same card(s) as the full client miner, you can use the same profile and don’t have to benchmark. Otherwise you will need to setup a new profile for it.

      Add the miner and specify to Scan the network. Select to scan for Remote Agents. If they are on the same LAN it should find them all.

      1. I should add that with the free version you can only add one other miner. The $35 one time cost tier adds support for up to 4 miners. You will need to pay $70 for 10 miners and $280 to manage all 40 miners.

  1. Under Managed Profit Switching – Configuration, check the box beside Mining Pool Hub. For your Worker name, type your username followed by “.1” so if your username is joeblow then you would type “joeblow.1”, then select your region. Click ‘Next’

    there is no option like that just you’re bit coin address

    1. When creating your first miner are you sure that you followed this step:
      -Under Select Miner Type, choose Managed Profit Miner, Click ‘Next’

          1. yup. but to fix it I tried going to options/profit switcher and clicked on mining pool hub and put my user name and .1 but it still will not work

          2. For some reason, maybe just because I set it up to zpool before??? I deleted the worker for zpool and followed your steps and create the workshop for MPH…but looks like when I start it, it still work under zpool??? Any idea?

          3. Try right clicking the miner, go to properties, override pool settings, check the box for Mining Pool Hub, type username.worker as in your MPH username followed by a . and then the name of your worker i.e. jacky.2

          4. Still have no idea how to make it work. I first uninstall AM, so reinstall it, got it fresh “new miner”. I know new miner because after reinstall, it pops up and asks me about new miner instead of clicking the “new miner”. Then after input the info from MPH(which I think I followed the steps but still ended up wrong, maybe?)….then start, no hashrate….at all….and I think I can switch two type of coins? one is call blake 2b? other is SC2 or something….

            Totally new butt to this new coin thing as I just got my cards a few days ago….no sure how it work….but after mining with 6 x 1070s I got like maybe $10 per day? or even less…..with zpool tho. that is why I am wondering if MPH has better outcome…

    1. I did, I just added it to my exclude list. Bitdefender cautioned be that the application is a known mining application…which is what I want it to do 🙂

      1. Done and it works 🙂 the only problem i have is that it seems to have a very low hashrate with the cpu (using an amd ryzen 5 1600) when i had with it better result with nicehash. You used extra setup for the cpu or switched out the default miner^

  2. Is this something I can do casually with a GTX1050 TI? I’ve always been curious about mining, even though I know it isn’t really profitable anymore. I like learning about the technology though, and this seems like a good way to get my feathers wet.

    1. Yeah definitely, and you may find that it is fairly profitable if you decide on getting paid in a coin that increases significantly in value!

    1. You can see the hashrate of what you’re mining by going to the coin that you’re currently mining and then going to dashboard and it will show your hashrate. you can also go to workers @ the coin you’re mining on.

  3. IOTA News:
    Do you have any ideas for me? I followed your instructions to a T. But when I right click and tell the miner to start I get the following error message “Failed to start mining process”. I found on the Awesome Miner FAQ that “Some security software and anti-virus software may prevent this operation and simply remove the downloaded software.” However, I have made an exclusion for that folder in my security software and even tried completing turning off the security software for a few minutes just to troubleshoot.

    Any additional Ideas? I am having the same problem on 3 different miners which are in 2 different locations….

    One last quick note: The benchmarking portion does not appear to work either. It quickly opens up each miner and then closes without doing to precise benchmarking.

    1. I had a similar issue. The problem is that you’re excluding the Awesome Miner application from your anti-virus but the actual miners are what is being blocked and they’re stored in a different directory. This also explains why your benchmarking isn’t working. The mining applications open to start benchmarking but are immediately closed by your anti-virus. Try whitelisting or excluding everything here: C:\Users\(YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME)\AppData\Local\AwesomeMiner

  4. DO you know if there is an easy way to add more miners? Gandolf3000’s customized cast XMR miner hashes 20% higher than the SG miner.

    1. Go to Awesome Miner Options, Profit Profiles, select the profile for your device, Edit, select the miner you’d like to replace in the list of Mining Software, click Configure, then fine the executable for your new miner, save your settings and restart your miner.

  5. I keep catching it switching to less-profitable coins. Is there a way to just force it to mine one coin, and if I want to switch it to a different coin later, I’ll manage that myself?

    1. Yeah, I had the same issue. You can go to Awesome Miner’s Options, Profit Profiles, select the profile for your device, Edit, and then choose which algorithms you’d like to use.

      1. On the flip side of the coin, my miner currently reports SHA-3 income: Per day $1,551.39, Per month $47,022.31 with 2 GPUs!!?? I don’t even know how to phrase my question. Since I started with AM a week or so the range has gone from 1.74 a day to this. Any idea what’s up?

        1. Seems to be a pretty common glitch that restarting the application fixes. I had mine reporting $50,000/day once for Cryptonight but it corrected itself after a restart.

          1. Thanks! Of course that begs the question of whether or not any of the profit rates stated through AM are reliable. The most common rate per day thus far is around 4-7 dollars, and even that is double or triple the pre-payout estimates I got from Nicehash, which were completely accurate.

          2. At this moment my BLK25 income reads $21.97 per day and $667.88 per month. (and it frequently goes higher) Your previous reply that its just a glitch makes a lot of sense, but my fan speeds have gone up from 5-10% to 25 & 36% (for two GPUs) and temps from 50 degrees to 70-75ish. I wouldn’t worry about working the system provided I was seeing corresponding payment, but my wallet is still empty. I get that zpool requires a minimum amount, but if the system is legitimately working harder, there has to be more to this discrepancy than just an estimation glitch. I should be hitting the minimum daily. Your thoughts? thanks!

  6. I really appreciate the guide. I am brand new to this, starting totally fresh… followed your instructions… and after selecting ‘start’ from the benchmark window I see the windows pop up and close w/ a lot of rejected messages in blue… and then it stops.
    Was I supposed to do something before following your guide?
    using Nvidia GTX 1070

  7. hey i have a qurstion about miningpool hub…………………it seems when i click on transactions on the mined coins there is alot of red numbers and it says this :
    1033536 2017-12-13 05:49:43 (UTC) Debit_AE Confirmed n/a 0.00074324
    these numbers are red
    what is the meaning of this???? is it an exchange fee????
    i have alot of them that are red and it seems none of my coin balances are going up???

    1. From the Mining Pool Hub site: “Auto exchanged coins will be credited to selected pool.

      To prevent unintentional exchange, there are two types of wallet for each pool. One wallet does not auto exchange and the other auto exchanges. At each pool’s wallet page, you can transfer coins between these wallets.

      Coins are removed from wallet with a Debit_AE (Debit for Auto Exchange) transaction and will appear in the destination wallet with an ordinary Credit transaction. These transactions can be viewed on the wallet page for each coin.”

  8. You didn’t explain how to add Miningpoolhub pool to Awesomeminer? Am I missing something?
    Tutorial explains how to create new miners but there is no pool by default. How I add those? What exactly should I put there to make sure auto switching works?
    Thanks for help!

  9. Where do I found my coins at the Mining Pool Hub which have been exchanged automatically to BitCoin. I did see them in “on exchange” but sadly I don’t see them after they disappeared in the list. It says 0. Pls can you tell me where I can find my BTC which were echanged from other coins.

    1. It can take several hours after they leave “On Exchange” before they arrive in your balance. When they’re back from the exchange you will see your Bitcoin balance increase. I do recommend using a coin with lower tx fees for Auto Exchange. Vertcoin or Litecoin have significantly lower fees and move between stages much quicker.

  10. Thanks for the guide. This is my first time mining. I’m getting rates between $2-$3/day, however, after 6 hours of mining, my total earned amount (including unconfirmed) is less than $.01. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?

    1. You’re not doing anything wrong, just being impatient 🙂 MiningPoolHub takes a while to reflect everything as coins have to go through a lot of stages before they’re auto-exchanged into your final coin. Check your earnings again after 24 hours and things should look better. This flowchart explains things a bit better:

  11. First of all thanks for the guide, just what I was after.

    Second I just have a quick question … Sorry for the stupid question

    I just set everything up as per the instructions with no issues my computer is mining away. My question is, is there a way to check real time if I set it up correctly? At the minute its mining away fat dumb and happy but my coin balances on MPH are blank, no coins etc and because I’m using “UNSPEC” its not mining a specific coin so I don’t even know which one to check in MPH pools menu.
    Also my balance in AM is blank

    Have I set it up incorrectly or am I being inpatient?

  12. I keep getting the antivirus error when attempting to start mining.. even after reinstalling, excluding the awesome miner folder and everything. any idea what gives?

    1. Also be sure to whitelist/exclude C:\Users\(YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME)\AppData\Local\AwesomeMiner because this is where the actual miner executables are stored.

    1. If your miners open and then immediately closed, it’s often your anti-virus closing them. Be sure you’ve excluded Awesome Miner as well as C:\Users\(YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME)\AppData\Local\AwesomeMiner because this is where the actual miner executables are stored.

  13. Thank you so much for this guide!

    I’m getting a ‘Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock’ warning when I try to setup my CPU tho. Did you get this as well?


    1. Not that specific one but I did get a virus warning from the CPU miner. It’s a false positive that I set my anti-virus to exclude.

  14. Thanks for swift reply!

    So I’m trying to get the palginmod going as well according to your suggestions. But with GPU, I’m now getting another ‘Trojan:Win32/Bitrep.A’.

    1. If you followed that guide then be sure you’ve also excluded C:\Users\(YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME)\AppData\Local\AwesomeMiner because this is where the actual miner executables are stored.

  15. Do you (personally) just acquire larger amounts of Vertcoin or do you regularly exchange it for another coin? If so, how?

  16. Everytime i try to benchmark the cpu it just opens the relative CMDs and closes them in a nano second, trying to mine gives the same result and it just goes on a loop saying “mining” “stopping”.

    Also, am i suppose to see the GPU on the benchmark window even though i’ve selected the CPU profit switching profile?

    1. This typically happens because your anti-virus is closing the miner. The CPU miner that comes with Awesome Miner typically gets flagged as malware. Look through these comments where I’ve explained which folder to exclude/whitelist in your anti-virus software.

      1. In my case, It was because cpuminer-opt actually has, if i recall corectly, 5 different EXE files. Some CPUs are not compatible with some of the EXEs and you have to either manually tell Awesom Miner to use one of the other ones (in the same folder), or what I did to keep it simple, I renamed the EXE files to the default one it was using one at a time until it worked.

  17. This might be a dumb question but if you’re downloading palginmod version of ccminer and putting it in awesome miner, why not just use that version of ccminer and mine directly through it with miningpoolhub’s autoswitching pools?

    1. Not a dumb question at all! The only reason not to do that is just because some people find Awesome Miner’s GUI easier to use and enjoy seeing their profit estimations and hashrate in one dashboard. But you can absolutely point each miner towards Mining Pool Hub manually. A lot of people just use Awesome Miner to manage their GPU mining and then run XMRIG alongside it to mine cryptonight with their CPU.

  18. Excellent guide. Thank you for the writeup!
    One nit: You don’t (shouldn’t) manually enter the “.1” in the “worker name” input field, but instead use the “Add to end of worker name” checkbox or whatever it is called. Just makes housekeeping easier if you have multiple miners.

    One question: Is there an actually “address” for the MiningPoolHub wallet that I can enter into Awesome Miner’s “Balance” tab so I can track my amounts as they accrue in real time? This was a gimmicky feature of NiceHash that I liked that I feel is missing from the current toolkit. Currently I am just refreshing MPH’s balance sheet and manually entering my exchange coin total to check value, which is a minor pita compared to just seeing it on-screen.

    Thanks again! Great work!

  19. hey, I’m fairly new to mining, I am currently in benchhmarking phase, waiting to start.. What wallet do you reccomend to get? I dont have any yet

    1. Depends on what coin you’re withdrawing from Mining Hub Pool. I recommend Vertcoin or Litecoin. In the case of Vertcoin I recommend their core wallet.

      1. I am auto exchanging it to Ether. Have not yet set a wallet.

        One more thing : Awesome miner is frequently changing between things its mining ( Lyra2RE, Equihash, etc… ) . When its changing, the $ per day changes too. It varies between $2 and $5. Sometimes it even falls below $1 .
        My question is, can I just deselect stuff that gives low yield and check only stuff that is between $3-$5 ? Can it work like that?

        1. Absolutely, on your Mining Pool Hub account go to Hub Workers and you can select the algorithms that you would like for each worker to use.

  20. Hi, thanks for the guide.
    I’m completely new to this. I followed you steps, got it up and running and I’m seeing only 50H/s. Is this normal? I see in screenshots where people have xx MH/s. Im on a GTX 760. It is saying that I’m mining unspecified Equihash.

    Help 🙁

    1. Replying to my own comment here. Something must be very wrong, I’m getting 53H/s on my GTX 760 and I’m getting 453 on my i5 2500. :S

      1. It is ok, I thought that I did something wrong. But when the miner switched to something else, it jumped to MH/s.

        Thanks again for your post. Really good beginners guide 🙂

  21. Thank you for the guide

    I have a problem where the Awesome Miner is not picking up my Graphics Card.
    I did make sure the drivers are up to date

    It picked up my AMD card. but not the nVidia
    Cards are EVGA nVidia GTX 1060 6GB Mining Edition

    1. It’s kind of screwy to be honest, the developer of that site is still fine-tuning the script. I pretty much just go by the 24h earned. Anything else get’s kind of out of whack because it doesn’t seem to take your withdrawals into account.

    1. Select whichever algorithms you find to be the most profitable for your setup. Try all of them and if you decide one algorithm performs poorly on your machine then remove that one.

  22. Hey.. I hate to burden you with stupid questions, but AM says it isn’t responsible for payouts from the various pools. OK, but I haven’t received payment to my BTC wallet from any pool either. Zpool has a ton of (surprisingly low) $ specs for my wallet, including fairly frequent time of next payout but still no transactions. Do each of these pools default to a “company” wallet (like the option from Nicehash) that I have to withdraw from? Thanks!

    1. With MPH, you set your Auto-Exchange coin in your MPH account settings. It sounds like you selected Bitcoin. So your Bitcoin balance on your MPH account will build and it will stay stored on your MPH account until you withdraw it or until your auto-withdraw threshold is reached. I recommend using a coin other than Bitcoin to avoid high tx fees but that’s my personal preference. Keep in mind that Awesome Miner doesn’t store any of your mined coins, these are all stored on the pool.

  23. Haven’t downloaded the software but I have a question. Is awesome miner designed to be working with mph? Because I don’t see in your guide you putting a pool address somewhere. Also, can you use any pools with awesome miner, or other pools.

  24. Hi there, so I left my miner running before I went to bed and found it on idle when I woke up to check on it. I had 7 hours of sleep and I have no idea how long the miner kept running before it stopped by itself. This happened to me 2 days in a row now. Is there any reason behind this? Oh and I’m running palginmod for extra 25% boost.

    1. This is typically because Awesome Miner is switching to a different algorithm and opening a new mining application that your anti-virus software is blocking. Try whitelisting or excluding everything here: C:\Users\(YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME)\AppData\Local\AwesomeMiner

  25. Hi ! Thanks for this awesome guide ! It’s so easy and efficient, thanks again 🙂

    I have a little problem though, I mine using my own gaming GPU (GTX 980Ti) and I overclocked it
    However, Awesome Miner does not mine fully with my overclocked settings, my memory clock should be at around 4100Mhz, and yet it only mine at 3300Mhz, is there any way to fix it ? Thanks !

  26. hey man, great guide, thanks so much for assistance. up and running in no time.

    only issue – the palginmod, my AV software is refusing to let it into the system (Win64:malware-gen). I know this isn’t your mod, but have you had any issues with it?

  27. so uhm for me it is not realy clear where or how the miner know where to pay to, somehow i think this way is to unsecure compare to nicehash miner, ccminer, vertminer, all those progs you need to set your own wallet adress, and i dont know where to put in mines in this program

    1. Keep in mind that you’re not mining directly to your wallet when you’re using a pool. You’re mining to your Mining Pool Hub account. In the guide, it states where you add your Mining Pool Hub username (3rd bullet point under step 3). This is no less secure than using your wallet address in a miner.

  28. Never gotten a dime of any sort from miningpoolhub. Perhaps because I inputed username.workername as username? Someone on reddit told me that was the way to go ;p Will give it another go with username.1 now!

    1. You’re not actually putting “username.workername”, correct? You’re putting your actual Mining Pool Hub username there, right? Check out step 9 in my guide, where I talk about the Override Pool Settings step to ensure you’re mining to your MPH account correctly.

  29. Hi, nice tutorial!

    One thing I am unsure about is if I need to use the password on Mining Pool Hub?

    You don’t mention it so I’m guessing its just username.worker not username.worker:password in the field on Awesome Miner?

    1. Correct, no password is necessary. This way you’re free to mine to someone else’s account or vice versa. Some do this as a donation requirement or just to be generous. Just be sure your username is correct (the worker doesn’t matter quite as much) so you get credit for what you mine.

  30. I did not see much of an improvement in my hashrate with palginmod. Maybe 1% improvement in equihash. How do I know it’s working?

  31. Hi
    Great guide!
    I have one problem with the software, I have 4 riggs that I want to connect,
    I have the remote installed on the other miners, I add them up, thats all dandy, but when I try to benchmark them, they only wanna benchmark equihash, and refuse to mine other algoes?

    What Im I doing wrong? please help

  32. And one more follow up question as well, if I add more remotes on my main awesome miner, they will all mine on the same user on mph ? like frank.1 <- 4 riggs in one? Is that fine

  33. My small rig has 3 different GPUs, all AMD.
    -R9 270
    -R9 290x
    -Rx 570

    If I am looking at Awesome miner correctly, it only saves 1 set of benchmarks, right?
    So if I get different performance from each of these I wuold ideally set each as its own miner and benchmark them seperately? (I realize I can only have 2 miners on the free version.) I could live with the 290 and 570 using the same benchmarks. But the main question is this: a single miner (rewgardless of # of GPUs) will benchmark and mine as a single unit, correct?

  34. i there thanks for the info. if you could assist me please.
    i have awesome miner setup and it shows mining at 170mh but in mining pool hub it only shows 74mh
    awesome shows 17usd and miningpool hub grew only 11usd
    what can be the problem
    thanks in advance

  35. Hi
    Back again with a question. Got things working fine with my gtx760, so I wanted to dust of my old AMD 6970. Got it in the machine, drivers installed, gets detected my the pc and miner. But when I try to benchmark it, it just tells me that “there is possibly more then one display to a gpu”. I do not. Then it prints out that it is “building binary sia geforce…” for my gtx 760.
    I’m lost.

    Help? Please? I can’t seem to find any referance material regarding awesome miner and dual gpu setup.

  36. Thanks for the guide. Alas, it didn’t work for me straight-away. What I had to do to get it working:

    1) I had to add the first worker to MiningPoolHub
    Log into MiningPoolHub. From the left hand column, select “Hub Workers”. Enter a worker name and worker password, then click “Add New Worker”

    2)Then I had to change Awesome Miner to use this worker
    Start Awesome Miner. Select the “Main” tab, then select “Options”. Select “Profit Switching”. For the MiningPoolHub worker name enter “username.workername”. Eg, if your username is “JoeBlow” and your worker name is “MoneyMaker”, you would enter “JoeBlow.MoneyMaker”. Click “OK” on the bottom right.

  37. Hi, have you compared the 3 miners on miningpoolhub? I saw they have multipoolminer,awesomeminer, and nemosminer. I wonder which one is best, i’m new, and use 1 nvidia card.

    Also when we mine in mph, do they mine to internal wallet like nicehash?

    Thank you

    1. I haven’t. I tried multipoolminer but couldn’t get it to stop crashing my PC (BSOD) and I’ve yet to try nemosminer. I’ve heard good things about it though! Maybe I’ll give it a go and post my results.

    2. You can mine to the internal nicehash wallet…

      But be advised that NiceHash charges for deposits.

      I just mine mine directly to coinbase wallets.

      Deposit fees to NiceHash wallet
      Deposits to NiceHash wallet are subjected to the deposit fee, which depends on the deposited amount.

      More than or equal to 0.01 BTC
      (min. amount to place an order is 0.005)

      0 BTC
      Between 0.0005 BTC and 0.01 BTC = 0.0002 BTC

      Less than or equal to 0.0005 BTC = The whole deposited amount.

  38. If I’m running to seperate miners but want to get paid to the same account do I put “ username.1” on the first and in the second miner “username.2” ?
    Or because I downloaded AM to both miners do I put “username.1” on both.


    1. You’ll want to make sure you use the same username for both. That’s what dictates where the coins are sent. After that, the workername is up to you. Its mostly for tracking performance. So if you want both miners statistics to be combined then use the name worker name (i.e. username.1) but if you want to view their stats separately then use different names for each.

      1. Ah ok got it thanks! Also I started the miner yesterday but it kept crashing. This morning I excluded the folder under “local disk/program files (*86)/Awesome Miner”. I’m assuming windows defender was crashing it?

    2. disregard previous post, I realized you have to tick box show hidden folders to find this path “C:\Users\(YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME)\AppData\Local\AwesomeMiner”

  39. When you go to GitHub what file is it you open exactly? Sorry but a bit of a newb at this stuff, “”??

    1. Hello,
      I want to integrate Hsr_miner(neoscrypt) to awsome miner for the porfit managed worker but only one neoscrypt based coins is this possible.

    2. Hello,
      I want to integrate Hsr_miner(neoscrypt) to awsome miner for the switching porfit managed worker but only one neoscrypt based coins is this possible.

  40. You may have already answered… can I do this with an asic scrypt miner? Follow the same rules but there will be an asic option instead of gpu?

  41. Do you have any video on “awesome miner”? if have! then please send me the video link my email address. Its very helpful for me.

  42. Thank you for this amazingly simple to understand and implement guide. What should I select for “Account’s Default Job” on the MPH website? I have 1 AMD GPU and nVidia GPU running in Awesome Miner…

  43. can the binance litecoin wallet be used for example for withdrawal of benefits? Thanks for the tutorial work, it’s very good.

  44. Greetings,
    I’m curious about something. I’m using your guide and setup everything including replace CCMINER.EXE. I’ve got two machines running. Username.1 and Username.2. I have CPU Mining going as well. I’ve been running this setup since Sunday Night. Awesome Miner reports that I am making on average 3.90 to 4.50 Canadian a day on one machine and on the other I am doing about 0.83-1.50 a day. All told I’m supposed to be earning 4.73 – 6.00 a day combined. On I check my balances today. and I’m lucky if I have 6 dollars total setting there. I should have approx 14-18 in there. Doesn’t make sense, has anyone else noticed this? I have auto convert to bitcoin on, and the dashboard of Awesome Miner reports in Bitcoin. So something doesn’t seem right to me at all. maybe I have my setup wrong, though I doubt it. Any assistance would be awesome.

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