Getting Started

So you’re ready to start investing in IOTA cryptocurrency! At the time of writing this, IOTA has just climbed in value from $.38 to over $5. IOTA is faster and completely free to send, making it vastly superior to Bitcoin. There is no better time to invest in this technology than right now. There are several different methods to purchase and store IOTA at the moment and I have gone over each method in detail here. The first step will be creating an account on Coinbase. Next, I recommend creating an account on Binance. If you’re outside of the US then you could also use Bitfinex, but I still recommend Binance. From there you can follow my guides here on the site for how to buy IOTA cryptocurrency and claim your stake in the future!

IOTA Is The Future!

Are you as excited about IOTA as I am? IOTA is still in its infancy but is already showing not only a great deal of promise but also a great deal of opportunity to enhance and streamline the way we do business and communicate. If you’re eager to learn more about this technology and how to buy IOTA cryptocurrency then you’ve come to the right place.

Buy IOTA in The US

At last, trading IOTA is finally available to the public through several large exchanges. This recent development has many long-time IOTA advocates excited. This site primarily covers how to buy IOTA using Binance or Bitfinex. While there are several other exchanges now trading IOTA, and new ones added more and more frequently, these two are, in my own opionion, the easiest and safest to use. At the moment I do recommend Binance over Bitfinex, especially for US residents. Use the following link to find an illustrated step-by-step guide to buy IOTA cryptocurrency.

What Is IOTA?

To understand IOTA, it’s important to first understand the concept of The Internet of Things. This essentially boils down to the belief that in this modern world, all things can and should be connected to the internet. Even things not necessarily designed to be integrated into a network. This naturally presents a wide array of security risks and logistical dilemmas.

In short, IOTA aims to provide a fast, secure, and transaction-free method of connecting us all. IOTA moves away from the traditional block-chain architecture in favor of a Directed Acyclic Graph known as the Tangle. The Tangle diminishes the scalability fault of block-chain by requiring each sender in a transaction to validate two transactions. Therefore the need for miners are eliminated and the system is further decentralized and relies only on itself. Probably the largest benefit of this being that transaction fees are eliminated making it free to send and receive IOTA. The speed of these transactions increases exponentially with the growth of the network. The real-world applications for this new technology are truly limitless. This is certainly an opportunity to get involved with an exciting and promising new concept!